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Let Meg be your trusted voice!
ambassador & influencer
Training Products
Meg can help you find your voice.
training products

online cooking classes!

online cooking classes!

If your hand is in the air, you can Cook with Meg online, from anywhere in the world! All you need is a computer with an internet connection, a webcam and LOVE of FOOD! Once purchased, you’ll receive a ZOOM link along with the class schedule including the recipes and ingredients list. 

Meg teaches to ALL ages! 

  • KIDS 7-12
  • TEENS 13-18
  • Private Dinner Parties 
  • Kids Parties 
All levels, themed classes and more! 

the art of connecting

Brands and businesses like yours realize the importance of connecting with clients and customers in the social space. Whether you “do it yourself” or bring on an ambassador/influencer, being “SEEN” is KEY.

Meg Tucker Talks can help shine the SOCIAL spotlight!


Are you a brand or business looking to create a buzz around your products + services? Let Meg be your trusted voice!

Are you a brand or business who likes to “DIY” but needs help to get to the next level? Meg can help you find your voice!

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Ambassador + Influencer

Let Meg Be Your Voice!
  • Meg is your trusted voice, making a true and authentic connection to your audience
  • Meg shines the spotlight on your brand or business and showcases YOU to her active SOCIAL community
  • Partnering with Meg = SOLID ROI, Meg's rate of engagement averages 3-5%
  • Incorporate your brand one of Meg's COOK WITH MEG segments
  • Spotlight Interview, Shout-Out or Product Review Campaign

Training Products

Meg Can Help You Find Your Voice!
  • You have the time to DIY, you just don't know where to begin
  • Meg will help you find your VOICE to tell your STORY
  • Take Meg's 1-day workshop series to help you level up when it comes to making a true connection with your audience
  • Courses include: "Finding Your Voice", "On Camera For Business", "You're LIVE in 3..2..1", "Your Brand, Your STORY
  • Download individual workshops and find your voice at your own pace

Why Work with Meg

Meg Tucker is an an intuitive leader helping business owners level up when it comes to sharing their voice in the social space. Whether it’s on camera or in person, Meg uses a unique blend of creativity and compassion combined with 25 years in marketing + entertainment media to help you find, keep and grow the connection with your audience and customers.


  • Meg Tucker Talks 2019 campaigns reached over 125K
     in Canada
  • Meg’s partnership posts engaged over 25K
  • Her sponsored videos were viewed over 40K


  • Solid engagement on a daily basis with her 6K+ followers
  • Meg Tucker Talks has a very loyal community
  • Sponsored Posts Average 5% ROI (FB + Instagram)

the art of connection

  • 25 years in marketing + media
  • Relatable
  • Authentic
  • Relationship Marketing
  • Connective Experiences

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