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You have options!

online training workshops!

FIND your voice online: 1 day workshop- april 17!

Join Meg Tucker online for a ONE day workshop where you can FIND YOUR VOICE! This session will help you PIVOT and truly learn to Connect + Communicate on Camera. We will shake off the nerves and dive into what makes a great connection, despite having that camera (or phone) in front of you! 

Meg’s current ONLINE workshop is running Friday April 17, 2020.

The one day workshop will cover:

  • Facebook and Instagram LIVE 101
  • How to use Instagram Stories to help you connect with your customers
  • Which pieces of equipment will help take your videos from GOOD to GREAT! 
  • How to PIVOT from face to face to virtual client meetings + appointments
  • Adapting your services so they still “WORK” in a virtual world

COST: $199+ GST – payment options available, please email to discuss.

Let’s FIND YOUR VOICE April 17!



Once you are registered, you will receive an email from Meg to get your training session scheduled! All participants to receive a ZOOM link.

Let’s DO THIS! 



Let's FIND YOUR VOICE! Shake off the nerves + make a true connection to your audience through on camera coaching while remaining ON BRAND!


This one day workshop with Meg Tucker Talks is comprised of 4 x 90 minute "building blocks", that will help not only define your brand, but leave you with a better understanding of how to truly connect with your audience, in a "LIVE" setting.


Take ONLINE training workshops - see details above

Meg breaks her one day workshop FIND YOUR VOICE: Connect + Communicate On Camera into 4 x 90 minute building blocks of training.

Buy 1 or buy all 4, work at your own pace then connect with Meg for a post workshop follow-up!


Small Group Training - 6 months

Ideal for those who have completed the FIND YOUR VOICE training workshop, but not mandatory! This is your opportunity to join a small group for 6 months of personal training to help you USE YOUR VOICE!

  • Each month our small group will meet via Zoom video coaching for 2 hours. **You can live anywhere! 
  • Weekly + monthly challenges to help you reach your vocal goals
  • Regular social account audits to map your progress
  • LIVE “airchecks” to help boost confidence and team support!
  • Become a part of a private Facebook group with access to Meg 
  • All sessions include platform updates + ”what’s trending” in market focus

Cost: $149 / month for 6 months + GST


Whether you have completed the FIND YOUR VOICE training workshop or are just ready to SOAR but want that personal ONE TO ONE training, this is for you! 

  • You and Meg will meet via Zoom video for one on one training for 2 hours. **You can live anywhere! 
  • Personal one on one progress updates 
  • LIVE airchecks to boost confidence and growth! 
  • All sessions include platform updates + ”what’s trending” in the market focus.

Cost: 3 Sessions (6 hours): $900 + GST, 5 sessions (10 hours): $1400 + GST, 10 sessions (20 hours): $2700 + GST.  **sessions must be used within 3 months.

postponed until further notice.

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