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Step into spring with hannas seeds

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Warm weather might still be a month away but it’s never too early to step into spring and start planning your summer garden!

STEP 1: Pop into Hannas Seeds in Lacombe and escape the cold temperatures.

Did you know studies show that gardening combats the effects of stress two ways? Not only does it make you more active when the summer months arrive, but that feeling of accomplishment when you grow something actually decreases tension and increases feelings of JOY! #truth

STEP 2: When you walk through the doors of Hannas Seeds, do me a favour and turn right and walk straight to the greenhouse to let those winter blues melt away. Breathe in the humidity, take a look around at all the amazing tropical delights like orchids, lilies and hydrangeas! Stop and look at the planters, decor, and get some “summer 2020” inspiration! PRO TIP: Be sure to visit often because Hannas Seeds is always bringing in new and UNIQUE finds! If you see something you love, don’t wait!

STEP 3: Pick up your indoor seed starting supplies! Hannas’ seed racks have arrived, they’ve got planter trays, cell packs, humidity domes, seed starter mix, plant starting fertilizer, root stimulator, LED lights and MORE! Feeling confused? Ask the staff ALL the questions. They’re incredibly patient and will make sure you have everything you need! **If you’re a farmer, now is the time to order your seed to receive an extra discount, not to mention their custom blending… at no extra charge!


  • Loosely fill a seedling tray to within a quarter inch of the top of the tray with Seed Starting Mix (Hannas Seeds has options)
  • Sprinkle the seeds on the surface. *if the seed variety requires light, press gently into the mix. If they don’t need the light, cover the little seeds up!
  • Hannas Seeds has lots of seed varieties including: Hannas “Bulk” varieties, Mrs Fothergill’s, WestCoast Organics & more!
  • Mist the trays, or water from the bottom if the tray allows!
  • Cover the seedling tray with a clear dome (available at Hannas Seeds)
  • Place your seeds in a nice cool, constant temperature. Basement works, but not UNHEATED garages!
  • If your seed variety needs a light, Hannas Seeds has lots of LED options! Come visit them soon!

STEP 4: Check out the SunBlaster NANODOMES at Hannas Seeds if growing indoors is your JAM! In a nutshell, you can think of a nanodome as the ultimate miniature indoor greenhouse where you can grow things YEAR ROUND right on your windowsill! Flowers, seed starting, fresh herbs and sprouts YEAR round! Perfect for apartment and small space living!

STEP 5: Wrap up your visit at Hannas Seeds with a few adorable little succulents! Super affordable, very little maintenance and ALL the rage when it comes to a Pinterest worthy living room or bathroom! #succulents


Getting ready for spring (then summer) with Hannas Seeds is SIMPLE! Don’t wait until the summer when the panic sets in. The simple rule of thumb is: you can begin to plant flowering bulbs as soon as you can “WORK” the ground. Lilies, begonias and MORE! In the meantime come for a visit, chat with the amazing staff (no question is silly) and let the experts help you gather everything you need to set you on your way to gardening glory!

Whether you are a home gardener or an expert horticulturalist, Hannas Seeds has been helping customers for over 5 decades and can help you TOO!


IN PERSON: 5039 49 St Lacombe, Alberta

PHONE: (403) 782-6671
Facebook, Instagram + Twitter: @HannasGardenCtr

ONLINE: www.hannasseeds.com



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