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spring forward to Hannas seeds!

Spring Forward to Hannas Seeds

Spring forward to Hannas Seeds!

Clocks are changing, grass is peeking through the snow and we are all ready to spring forward to Hannas Seeds! Before we get TOO energized though, let us remember that it IS Alberta, and one more snowfall could be imminent. Until such time, it’s important to be ready to plant. Let’s make a plan!

Where to start?

You may have already started your seeds. If so, YOU ARE AWESOME! I know it’s SO tempting to get them outside and into the ground, but frost and snow can undo all your hard work, so give it a little more time. If you haven’t done any indoor seeds starting, do NOT panic. Hannas Seeds can help get you garden ready, check out all the steps to INDOOR SEED STARTING here!

While you wait though, what about a YARD CLEANUP! I know, how is this a spring forward? Well let’s think about it. While it’s not as exciting as pretty flowers, the sooner you can get that out of the way, the faster you will be bragging about how amazing your gardens are! Grab the kids, set a timer and have some fun rewards for their help! PS- I do hope your Spring cleanup doesn’t involve dog “doo-doo”. NEW DOG OWNER TIP? The single BEST piece of advice we got three years ago when we became a first time dog family was to put a lined and covered bucket outside. We have it set up in the corner of the yard for daily poop bag drop off. It’s not too late for you to implement this, you’re WELCOME!

Ok back to the yard cleanup. Clear away debris, sticks, broken branches and get as much of it picked up to help the ground dry up once all the snow is gone! Speaking of dry ground, it’s going to be a while before this happens. Be mindful not to walk all over the lawn every day when it’s tender. Let it “heal” from the cold, wet winter!

time for Horticultural Oil

Now would be the time to add a horticultural oil to your trees, shrubs and vines. YES, Hannas Seeds carries it!

You might have also heard this referred to as dormant oil. Let’s get technical for a second. Most commercially “prepared” dormant/horticultural oils start out as refined petroleum products (mineral oils) that are then put through a process to filter, distill and de-wax before they’re combined with an emulsifying agent, which allows the oil to be mixed with water before spraying. The general rule of thumb is to apply from late winter until two weeks before we “see buds”.

PRO TIP: Be sure the temperature remains above zero for at least 24 hour period before you apply a dormant oil to the lawn. This is also a great rule of thumb for planting outside. Especially in Alberta!

Dormant oils were originally developed centuries ago to combat stubborn scale and mite infestations on fruit trees. At first, these oils were heavy and poorly refined, making them unsafe to use on woody plants after they had broken winter dormancy. Nowadays, horticultural oils are lightweight and highly refined (and can even be used at diluted rates during the summer), so the term “dormant oil” now refers to the time of application, rather than to a particular type of oil.


To prune or not to prune?

When Spring hits, it’s time to prune some of last year’s beauties. If you follow a “loose” schedule each year, it will ensure you have happy, healthy plants! Remember the mantra. Spring Forward!

  • Dogwood Trees
  • Hydrangeas
  • Elders
  • Evergreen shrubs, such as juniper and yew
  • All late flowering shrubs (July or later)
Anne of Avonlea quote

Indoor plants needing TLC

Take a walk through the house to see how all your indoor plants are doing. Give them a boost! Change the pots, let them STRETCH! Add some new soil, extra nutrients and a weekly fertilizer for energy! Cut away leaves that have wilted, yellow’ed or turned brown. Prune those plants that might have gotten a little “LONG” and leggy over the winter. This is the time to give them all a much needed Spring boost! Also, if pots are on your TO GET list, check out the AMAZING selection of Tropicals and pots at Hannas Seeds. MEG TIP: Walk through the greenhouse, it’s a GLORIOUS escape to a busy week!

a plan to plant

One of the most important things when you spring forward, is to have a backyard or garden layout. Think Pinterest board, coil notebook, get creative! Decide where you want to plant your flowers, shrubs and trees. Things to consider would be location, sun exposure, size of plants and also how much attention they will all need. Let’s map out some garden goals!

  • Are you looking to grow an herb garden?
  • What kind of shrubs will last the longest on your property?
  • Do you want an English garden that will be the envy of all the neighbours?
  • Is the goal to grow fruits and veggies?
  • You are a first-timer and just want things to last the season!

So many decisions, and although it can seem overwhelming, if you visit Hannas Seeds in Lacombe, Alberta they can help! Before you know it, with a little direction, you will be driving home with all the shrubs, flowers, seeds, pots and everything you need to create your very own backyard oasis!

Whether you are a home gardener or an expert horticulturalist, Hannas Seeds has been helping customers for over 5 decades and can help you TOO!

Enjoy! Meg

stay connected:

IN PERSON: 5039 49 St Lacombe, Alberta

PHONE: (403) 782-6671
Facebook, Instagram + Twitter: @HannasGardenCtr

ONLINE: www.hannasseeds.com


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