Simple Summer Supper

Simple Summer Supper

Simple Summer Supper.

Wait. Do you call it supper or dinner? I think I say “let’s go out for dinner”, but we “eat supper at home”. Whether you call it dinner or supper I want to share how often we cook and how it’s a radically different schedule in the summer. We tend to go for a simple summer supper schedule. How about you?

Simple Summer Supper Schedule:

Monday: I cook for Gav and I.

Tuesday: We order pizza, as there are normally 50% off specials galore.

Wednesday: I cook for Gav and I.

Thursday: I cook for Gav and I.

Friday: We either order Skip the Dishes or eat leftovers.

Saturday: BBQ or a food project.

Sunday: BBQ or a food project.

Books for Days

Our tiny cookbook collection, used for “inspiration”.

Walk Me Through a Week…

What do I cook on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays? Year round I love things like homemade chicken soups, stews, pot pies, and roast chickens. Things get a little simpler in the summer. We still do a pot of good spaghetti sauce, but I will make an extra big pot then fill 3 to 4 containers and pop in freezer. In doing so I have completely cut out about 3 hours of standing over the stove. Simply thaw in fridge the night before, then reheat and make the pasta. Salad on the side and dinner is served!

Tacos happen a lot in our house, also year round. I am absolutely not opposed to the boxed kit, but we have been known to make our own tortillas using simple masa flour and water. We splurged on a tortilla press (I kid, it was under $30) and when Wade is home he takes over and makes about 40 soft corn shells. Then we can freeze and use at a later date!

Roast chicken? Sure we do it! Make 2, or better yet cook “beer can chicken style” on the bbq. We sub the beer though for 7-up, green tea, even iced tea! Make it simple but pack in the flavour. The leftovers go a long way too, add into a salad or serve with rice and veggies, yes please!

Speaking of veggies, who says you have to cook them? I love cutting up a whole platter of carrots, broccoli, celery and anything dunkable then you create a fun side dip! Equal parts mayo + sour cream + fresh dill and a splash of balsamic? DONE. Epicure bottles in your pantry? USE THEM IN THE SUMMER! Get creative!

What’s a Food Project?

The weekends are where we have some fun. Wade is home from work and almost always walks through the door armed with “an idea”. I am not kidding when I say he owns a little black book…for recipes. Things he sees on YouTube then wants to create, or recipes he’s used and tweaked to perfection. We have made homemade mozzarella (talk to me about ordering rennet tablets online), Wade always makes his own chili powder that involves grinding all the peppers with a coffee grinder, we do all our own pizzas on the bbq with a stone and we’ve even made our own BACON. It’s almost always Wade motivated and somehow I reap the benefits. But it’s an all day/all evening affair. No one said you can rush happiness.

So. In closing, I think it’s perfectly amazing to take every shortcut known in the summer. TIPS: Dig out the crockpot, a friend even suggested she uses hers in the garage so it doesn’t heat the house! *genius. BBQ as much as you can, and keep cool at all costs. You can still have amazing food and not spend all your time in the kitchen.

Happy Summer! Enjoy! Meg xo


  1. Jill Robbins says

    We’ve been doing this thing with black beans, roasted corn, tomatoes, and avocados. Toss it wit balslamic & oil and YUM.

    I keep meaning to add shrimp or something to make it more filling.

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