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Shining the Social Spotlight

Meg can help you shine the social spotlight on your brand! 

Hire Meg to GET social for your business or COACH you on how to jump behind the camera yourself! Galas, workshops, team building and more!

There are 3.48 billion social media users in 2019, let’s make sure YOUR brand is getting noticed!

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Special Events/Live Events: (hosting, MC,) Need a host or emcee for your fundraising event or gala? Meg is easy to work with, meticulously organized with a strong attention to detail, accuracy and great references. A background in improv and stand up comedy from Second City in Toronto and Caroline’s on Broadway in NYC doesn’t hurt either!


Meg comes to your location and goes LIVE on Facebook or Instagram for your business/brand.

The “social remote” will allow customers to engage during the video in real time.


Sessions can be YOU, or YOU + TEAM!

  1. “On Camera for Business”- Intro to Facebook Live, IG Live (Level 1)
  2. “You’re Live in 3…2…1”! – Mastering the Live Stream (Level 2)
  3. It’s All About the Gram” – Why Your Business Needs to Use Instagram, and more specifically IG Stories
  4. “One Month at a Time”– How to map out 30 days of social feed content in an hour
  5. “Eyes Forward, Chin Down” – How to LEVEL UP your social feed photo game without being a photographer.

60 minute Team builders. 90 minutes also available.

  1. HOW TO LOVE THE TEAM YOU’RE STUCK WITH– Effective communication with people you see every day.

This 60 minute workshop dives into ways we can better communicate around the office.  “What you are saying vs. What I am hearing”, addressing the “this is impossible” attitude, company code words and more! 

  1. LAUGHING OUR WAY TO FRIDAYS – Learn how to loosen up and trust the process, and your colleagues.

This 60 minute workshop uses team building based improv games that allow you to shake off the nerves and get to know your colleagues in a comfortable, new way, which in turns HELP communication and team/office morale.

Meg’s zest for life and passion is clear within seconds of meeting her, share that today!

SPEAKING TOPICS: 45 minutes. *Time can be tailored.

Life After Radio: How to reinvent yourself when your career ends before you are ready.

Am I Too Old for Long Hair? Starting a new career amidst the Instagram generation.

Living in the Social World: Hats off to our children. Let them lead the way.

Parenting in 2019: “Surviving Technology”

Contesting: Work with Meg to create a fully optimized contest/branded giveaway on your social channels from start to finish. Meg’s work includes the creation of all contest visuals and graphics, engagement with entries, and a proven success rate to get eyes on your accounts!

Voice-overs: Meg can voice corporate training videos, audiobooks, documentaries, educational, internet, radio and TV. Meg’s in home studio uses an Audio Technica AT2020, iMac, Adobe Audition, Focusrite Scarlett Audio Interface, with quick turnaround using Web transfer/Email (WeTransfer & Dropbox- 1-2 days).

Online content production: (Custom videos, custom recipes, product reviews, content posts and social promotions). Work with Meg to share your brand messages in a fun and entertaining way through video or content publishing.

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