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Please Keep Posting

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Social Media Travel Posting

Friends. Please keep posting your vacations on social media.

“If I see another vacation picture”

I know this (and posting food pics) can be a hotly debated topic, but does it warrant online polls, unfriending and in some extreme cases, closing your Facebook account because you just cannot stand to see one more vacation? That makes me sad. I am here to say I most certainly do NOT fall into this camp. I absolutely LOVE signing on and for a few minutes whisking away to places I have never been before. Seeing friends and family experience their “bucket list” dream trips. Seeing a friend experience a place that I have already visited, but now through her eyes? I cannot get enough.

I’m not talking about the pre-requisite “just your legs or feet, holding an umbrella drink” pictures. Those can be a bit silly but come on, those are funny and you just have to accept that if you see a lump of vacay pics come up in your feed, you’re bound to see that one. I do it, we all do. (see above). I actually do it now EVERY single time I am away and tag my friend Mike just to torment him.

But to “mute” friendships because you don’t like seeing vacations makes me shake my head.

Luggage Tag

This is our generation.

Now mini rant aside, I get it. We don’t all have endless buckets of money to travel the world. But I for one, and am willing to bet neither do the people who are posting! If they’re anything like us, this is a “once a year” or even “once in a lifetime” chance that by god they want to add to their memories forever. And like it or not, Facebook is the photo album for our generation. That and Shutterfly, cheap Costco albums and 40% off Vistaprint books, sharing vacation memories on social media allows us to share our joy with friends and family from all over the globe.

Let’s put it this way. As I type this I am living vicariously through:

  1. A girlfriend who is making her way through a South African safari with her husband and parents, a trip that has been planned for one solid year. Today’s pics showed her bending down to bottle feed and kiss a hippo. Being 2 feet away from a cheetah. Standing beside a glorious elephant, it all takes your breath away. Her face alone is pure joy, I am just SO happy for them!
  2. Another friend who just climbed Machu Picchu to raise funds for Cystic Fibrosis.
  3. I have a friend leaving tonight for Las Vegas with a girlfriend in the hopes to strike it rich, see Celine Dion and maybe find a man.
  4. I have another friend who is making her way through Italy.

Experience joy without the cost of a vacation!

GUYS I AM LOVING LIFE and going to all these places “with them” without the cost of a vacation! Isn’t that the beauty of social media? No political fighting, no hurtful memes and gifs, just amazing people going to amazing places and sharing with their friends.

Travel Quote

In closing…

Please don’t ever stop posting. Tell us about your travel plans. Shout out your experiences and document the journeys because life is short and the world is just so big, it’s too good to not share!

Meg xo

PS Target shopping trips warrant posting too. That always counts.

PSS Want MORE vacation joy? Check out our 4 Days in Austin, Texas! 


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8 thoughts on “Please Keep Posting”

  1. A friend of mine is doing the Camino de Santiago right now, a trek that takes 30-35 days! I wish she was posting to Facebook. I’m dying to hear absolutely everything about her trip. If you haven’t watched The Way, a 2010 movie about walking the Camino starring Martin Sheen, you must drop everything and watch it.

    • Ok that sounds amazing!! THAT IS HOW I FEEL ABOUT MY FRIEND SARAH!! I literally wake up and go right to her feed because I can’t wait to see where she is today!!!

  2. I like what you have to say. As someone who writes about/reports on travel, I have a lot of travel pictures – they’re not necessarily vacation pictures, but I know people perceive them as that, no matter what. I’ve gotten some snarky comments about overposting or being an “OOOH LOOK AT HOW COOL I AM” so I’ve been in a sensitive place about posting some of my pictures.

    I think seeing other people’s cool moments helps us all see what is possible, don’t you think?

    • I couldn’t agree more Jill. I don’t have an envious bone in my body – not in that respect. Sure I think – oMG they’re so lucky, but that’s also my excitement/planning in my head – ok should WE go here one day?? I think it’s a WAY better way to get honest reviews, candid pics, and true experiences, maybe more than a trip advisor review. I love them. LOVE that people are creating happy memories – KEEP POSTING!

  3. I also love vacation posts! I always want to know where people are staying and what they’re doing. But I’m a super snoopy person! Ha! I do love seeing people enjoy themselves…life is stressful, so to take moments to breathe and relax? YES! Bliss.

    • Right??? COULD NOT AGREE MORE! Yes to the snoopy – hahah, I want a full tour!! (but pics, no shaky vids) haha

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