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My Knee Surgery Journey: Part 3

My Knee Surgery: Part 3

This is part 3 of the story of my meniscal knee repair surgery and recovery process. In all its raw and real glory, my best account of the journey I have been on. To those who may be facing this road, you can do this! Enjoy my knee surgery journey! 

I am two weeks in.

I say “I” but I should say WE. This has 100% been a team effort. I have left the bedroom three times in two weeks. We have found some shortcuts to make this work.

Wadey went back to amazing organization called The Lending Cupboard and borrowed a walker, a shower stool and a wheelchair. Seeing him come through the door with those glorious items, well it was like Christmas morning! We knew that they would all help me become more mobile, more independent and more positive about the next 3 months. We also got a wand attachment for the shower so that I could sit on the stool and do a decent job of feeling human again, without Wadey having to help me rinse the conditioner out.

All three times to my office in the spare room, where we have the wheelchair set up. I can’t wheel around the house because it doesn’t fit through the doors…so when I get up to go to the bathroom (ensuite), it’s using crutches (AWFUL) or walker (SEMI AWFUL BUT EASIER).


The biggest challenge is that my entire left leg is braced, with the hinges LOCKED at 0 degrees, meaning it’s stick straight and I can’t bend it – this makes walking/hopping next to impossible. Too much info – but imagine trying to sit down to pee! It hurts to sit, I get pins and needles if I try to prop it up on the wheelchair, and then getting it under my desk is a whole other set of challenges. We have to order a mini desk so I can sit in bed and work.


I have had a total of three. God bless Wadey, we rented me a shower stool and it takes both of us about 10 minutes to get me into the tub and sitting on the stool, left leg in shower, on a slight angle downward, but still stick straight and propped with folded bath towels (IN THE TUB). He then went yesterday and got a wand attachment so I can at least sit and wash my own hair and rinse off, before he had to help. This is the only time of day I can have my brace off, but I can’t touch the leg down, or bend.


Getting out of the shower is a comedy act (not really but we are trying to find the humour). I get back to bed with the walker and lay there until I am dry. Then be brings me stuff (deodorant, etc) and I do it all laying down. Then we get new pjs back on…I AM BASICALLY A TODDLER. I also haven’t worn pants since Sept 16, that’s something!


The entire time Ollie is practically in the tub, laying at the edge, walks beside my walker to bed, then gets up and lays his head ON ME almost 24/7. If I cry, he pats me with his paw and brings me his stuffed animals. I swear this dog…

Dr Oliver Anderson
The BEST medicine.


I am actually not eating a lot, but Wadey brings in amazing meals and keeps me hydrated. Seriously, his meals are off the charts. Each time I post what he makes me, people lose it and now we’re convinced they’re going to hurt themselves, just so they can come and stay! *I feel I must include that I am NOT asking for these gourmet meals, Wadey just LOVES to cook as much as I do, so this has in a way been therapeutic for him!

Food by Wadey
So many meals just arrive daily, Wadey is amazing!


Amazon for another win! We ordered me a desk that fits onto the bed, so for the past four days I’ve been able to get a lot of work done. Thankfully everyone is understanding, I feel very grateful to work from home.


So while apparently I will be able to put weight on it, beginning in November, the brace is on until Christmas. Not ideal, but once I can limp around with it on, I won’t care!!! It falls down a lot, so yesterday wade took a SHARPIE MARKER AND WROTE A LINE ON MY LEG WHERE THE BRACE NEEDS TO GO – he literally drew on my leg. We were both laughing so hard, what do I care, no one is seeing my leg?!?!

There’s your update, keep my following my knee surgery journey!

Meg xo



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