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My Full Meniscus Repair Journey: Part 7

Full Meniscus Repair

On September 16, 2019 I had a full meniscus repair on my left knee. This is part 7 of the story of my recovery process. In all its raw and real glory, my best account of the journey I have been on. To those who may be facing this road, you can do this! In this instalment, we dive into the next phase of the journey as I am relearning to walk ! 

DATE: November 30, 2019



STAGE OF RECOVERY: Starting to get back my freedom


After a FULL meniscus repair on September 16, 2019 I have officially made it to 75% weight bearing back on my leg/knee! A number that I was never fully satisfied with in high school but when it comes to this knee journey that seems like it’s been going on for eight years, I will take 75% and run! But maybe let’s just start with walking.

Today we had our weekly physio and learned that at almost 11 weeks I am now past the point of re-injuring my knee by simply moving and walking. I definitely do not have to wear the brace anymore if I am inside the house. We can return the wheelchair and I only have to use one crutch to get around. HALLELUJAH PASS THE KLEENEX!

This is a whole new world because now I am actually able to place most of my weight on my bad leg. To say I am nervous is a bit of an understatement but as I shared in my last update, every single day I’m getting these little tiny (yet very significant) “markers” that tell me I am getting stronger.


  • I can now hop/walk down the stairs! Sure I take them one at a time: good foot pause, bad foot pause, good foot pause, bad foot pause, BUT I AM DOING IT! I can actually go up the stairs using my crutches with confidence!
  • I can get out of bed and completely stand up on both legs, carefully bending down to put lotion on my lower leg!
  • I can sit on the bed and get a sock on my foot!
  • I can blow dry my hair standing in the bathroom!
  • I can sit in my office at my desk for more than 15 minutes without pins and needles down my leg.
  • I can go to work for a few hours hosting an event, as long as I’m sitting down (and supervised ha ha)! Thanks so much to Royal LePage Network Realty, Hudson’s Bay + Cheeky Coutures Boutique for accommodating this VERY slow moving gal to host your events!


I will spend the next two weeks working on walking with one crutch. I will do my exercises every single day which now involve an exercise ball, an exercise band, a lot of pain, a lot of heat and a lot of ice but all in the name of regaining motion and building strength.

We will see the surgeon December 12 for our final follow up in this three month journey. At that point I hope he tells me everything has healed and to continue with Physio for probably another month. I think they told us we would most likely need another follow up with him but I’ll keep you posted.


We are still keeping the shower stool until the very end. We are still keeping the crutches until the very end. We own the brace so we will keep that and I may actually put it on over Christmas especially if we are heading outside walking in snow and ice. I don’t plan to use it as a security blanket but we are so close to the finish line that I am going to protect this at all costs. The wheelchair however, is GOING BACK to be used by someone else. Sorry Ollie! And a HUGE thank you once again to the angels of Red Deer at The Lending Cupboard.

full meniscus repair

The journey is certainly not over, once again we learned some new information, in that it will probably be a full six months before I am out of pain and have regained full motion. That will put me at March 2020.

But that’s ok.

I have truly learned to take it one week at a time and absolutely treasure the little yet significant changes I’ve been experiencing lately!

Let’s rewind to September 17th. The day after a full meniscus repair surgery. Not sure I would have believed you if you told me that I would be walking with just one crutch today! Those are the moments I will never forget. Laying in bed, bandaged and elevated, wincing in pain, reaching for my glass bowl of pills with “no end in sight”.

Guess what. It’s almost here. We’ve got this.

Meg xo

PS Missed the last chapter? Here you go! 



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