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Meg’s OMG Book Club June Pick!

Meg's OMG Book Club June Pick


Do you love to read?

What kind of book do you gravitate towards at the library or bookstore?

When was the last time you picked up a book and read it cover to cover?

SO many questions Meg. I am BEACH reads all the way. THRILLERS. Edge of your seat, OMG how is this NOT a movie type book. I’ve always been a big reader, but lately I find I spend more of my downtime with my beloved iPad than my books.

Join “Meg Tucker’s OMG Book Club”. Each month we read a thriller-edge-of-your-seat-how-is-this-not-a-movie book then at the end of the month we discuss in a FB livestream + IG Stories chat! *our first livestream is Saturday June 8, 6pm MST. Click to join!


The Perfect Girlfriend by Karen Hamilton – “Juliette loves Nate. She will follow him anywhere. She’s even become a flight attendant for his airline, so she can keep a closer eye on him. They are meant to be.The fact that Nate broke up with her six months ago means nothing. Because Juliette has a plan to win him back. She is the perfect girlfriend. And she’ll make sure no one stops her from getting exactly what she wants. True love hurts, but Juliette knows it’s worth all the pain…” .

Again, I picked this up at my local Chapters for around $15, I think right now it’s around $20. You can also probably reserve at your local library or borrow from a friend – it’s a VERY popular book! Make sure to pop into Costco if you’re a member too, some of our members are finding these picks there for a fraction of the price!

Whether you buy, borrow, or rent the book we are happy to have you join our little club. No pressure, no dues, no finicky meetings, just the LOVE of a good thriller followed by a good ole gab online!

To learn more about Meg’s OMG Book Club


Enjoy! Meg xo


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