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Winter Bird Feeding: Jumping Into 2020 at Hannas Seeds

winter bird feeding


A new year is upon us and Hannas Seeds in Lacombe, Alberta is READY! From winter bird feeding, to starting seeds indoors, pet food and more! Hannas Seeds is NOT your typical garden centre, they have seeds, lawn care, garden supplies, home decor, soothe-the-soul products, unique gifts and more! Come see for yourself!


The winter is here and we cannot forget the birds! Do you plan to do some winter bird feeding? If so you need to be ready with the right supplies! While it’s frigid outside you can definitely do your part to help your little backyard friends get through the winter with some nutrient rich food, shelter and water.

Let’s start with a bird house and bird feeder. Hannas Seeds has a vast assortment depending on your set up, space and price point. In Alberta we see a few different birds hanging around for the winter. The nuthatch and chickadees who love to perch. The winter blue jays who tend to be a bit pushy, not to mention hungry love peanuts! If possible, place a feeder for them away from the “littles”. The sparrows prefer the treats left on the ground, it’s important to leave yummy treats out for all! Roasted and shelled peanuts, oily seeds, sunflower seeds, sunflower chips, and high fat suet blocks all can be found at Hannas Seeds!

Along with food and shelter, don’t forget that birds NEED water in the winter and we don’t just mean eating the snow! While fresh water in the birdbath is ideal, it’s also not always possible when we hit below zero temps! Before ending up with a big block of ice, have no fear, Hannas Seeds birdbath heaters! The birds will basically be at the spa!

Copy of Copy of jumping into 2020 1


2020 is here and now is the time to start your seeds indoors. Don’t be overwhelmed, Hannas Seeds carries everything you need to get you started so that when spring and summer roll around you’ll be ready to plant!

Come check out the selection of West Coast sprouts and micro green seeds and when paired with the Biosta Kitchen Crop Sprouter, you can grow them right on your kitchen windowsill! The grooved trays spread water evenly and before you know it, you will have grown your own fresh food. All of these solutions make it easy to eat healthy all year round with West Coast sprouts and microgreen seeds from Hannas Seeds!

*They ALSO carry forage seeds, be sure to visit so you can take advantage of the 10% early order!

Seed Starting


Did you hear? Hannas Seeds now sells dog and cat food! We are super excited to carry two brands available that you cannot buy in pet stores, big box stores or chains. Each brand meets a different need, take a look to see which one would be best for your pets!


This is the higher end brand of the collection and includes varieties for brand new puppies to senior dogs, as well as cats! Loyall Canada contains prebiotics, Omega 3, Omega 6, chelated trace minerals, lots of protein, glucosamine and chondroitin. They also offer a Loyalty Reward program: when you buy 10 bags, you get one free! Learn more about LOYALL CANADA here!

Pet Food Hannas Seeds


This is the more affordable product, or “economical” choice. Perfect for farmers and producers who might have a barn cat! The “Agri-Dog” and “Agri-Cat” are in 18 kg bags and sell for an economical $35/bag. Each bag is composed of a balanced diet including Fat, protein, fibre, vitamins, moisture and more. What are you waiting for? Learn more about TRADITION PET FOOD here!

The bottom line, when you’re in the neighbourhood, stop into Hannas Seeds in Lacombe, Alberta. It definitely isn’t your TYPICAL garden centre! Whether you are a beginner gardener or born with a green thumb, they have everything you need They carry a wide range of amazing items for inside and out – you’re your home and your SOUL!


Our winter hours are now in effect. Visit us from 8:30 to 5:30 Monday thru Friday and 10 to 4 Saturday.


Be sure to stay close to our social for regular updates, specials and more! Facebook + Twitter + Instagram: @hannasGardenCtr


Want to know more about our pet food line: CLICK HERE!

Check out some of our beautiful birdbaths! CLICK HERE!

Written by: Meg Tucker. www.megtucker.com

*this is a sponsored post

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