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Furry Friends Find Food at Hannas Seeds!

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Furry Friends Find Food

Pet Food at Hannas Seeds

Pssst! It’s me Morris! I’m the big orange cat that lives at Hannas Seeds in Lacombe, Alberta and I am here to tell you we now carry PET FOOD AT HANNAS SEEDS!

Ok let me back up. I don’t know if you’ve looked outside lately, but winter is HERE! I hear people talking all day long at the store that they’ve put their gardens away for the year. They used to come in wearing t-shirts all saying how hot Alberta is, but now they’re all in big sweaters, which is fine by me, I prefer a warm coat.

Well have we got some good news for you. They also talk a lot about preparing for the next few months of snow and doing something called cooking? I hear words like stews and soups and nutrition? I don’t know what any of that means, but what I do know is that someone feeds me every single day and I am very happy. What else makes me really happy? I heard them talking about something amazing that is happening at Hannas Seeds. We now sell Pet Food at Hannas Seeds!

Pet Food at Hannas Seeds 3
Church + Morris!


Two different lines of dog + cat food! And the best part that made everyone who works here really happy, is that we are an exclusive distributor in Lacombe and area! Ok speaking of food my bowl is calling me, so let me pass it over to Church, he’s Patricia’s dog. He’s a bit shy to talk but clearly he eats more than any of us so he can explain the next part.

Hi guys it’s me CHURCH!

I’m a big black dog who loves to run, sleep, and oh yes, EAT! Mom told me that we now sell food! She better keep it up high or else Morris and I will climb up and try to eat. But for now let me share what we learned.

There are two brands at Hannas Seeds. They said you also cannot buy these foods in pet stores, big box stores or chains. I don’t like chains, I like to run. Ok back to the food. The first one is Loyall® Canada and the other one is Tradition Pet Food. They use a lot of big words, so here goes…


This is the higher end brand of our collection and includes varieties for brand new puppies to senior dogs. I wonder where I would fit?

The food is cooked really well and they use words like “optimize digestibility”. I heard them saying that means it has everything we need so we don’t get a tummy ache after we eat. The food also contains things like prebiotics, Omega 3, Omega 6, chelated trace minerals, lots of protein, glucosamine and chondroitin. All I know is that it probably tastes amazing and I want some now.  Yes Morris? Ok, ok, he wants me to tell you again…

They also have a cat food line!

Furry Friends Find Food

All Loyall® foods are formulated with natural preservatives and without artificial colouring that could harm your pet’s health. Loyall® also developed a process called Opti-Cook®. This process ensures that grains and the whole diet are cooked correctly, to help provide a diet for your friend. Proper cooking helps ensure that nutrients such as starch are easily digested by your pet. This process helps ensure that every batch of food is as close as possible to prior batches leading to less digestive upset.- source: Loyall® Canada.

They also offer a Loyalty Reward program: when you buy 10 bags, you get one free. That also means you get to come see us at least 9 more times after you buy your first bag! WHO’S A GOOD BOY NOW!

Learn more about LOYALL CANADA here!

Ok the second brand we are getting is called…


This is the one that mom says “won’t break the bank”. I sometimes knock things over with my tail and they fall on the ground in pieces. If that’s what break means, we don’t want that!

This “economical” choice is perfect for farmers and producers who might have a barn cat! Yes Morris, you’re pretty much a barn cat. What’s that? Yes, that just means you’re tough! (he wanted me to tell you all that).

Ok what else? So The “Agri-Dog” and “Agri-Cat” are in 18 kg bags and sell for an economical $35/bag. The humans say this is a really good price. Each bag is composed of a balanced diet of all the things they always tell us are important to keep us healthy. Fat, protein, fibre, vitamins, moisture and more. The last thing I will say is this food looks and tastes great! What are you waiting for?

Learn more about TRADITION PET FOOD here!

Pet Food at Hannas Seeds


HELLLLLLLO ALBERTA! I am CHEEKO! You might have visited Hannas Seeds and heard my beautiful singing voice. I love to sing, I love to talk and I am just SO honoured that Morris and Church are letting me explain everything to you about BIRD FOOD! Yes, Yes, Ok, I am getting on with it. 

Just like cats and dogs, WE birds can’t be forgotten about when the season changes. It’s super important that we have proper nutrition to get through the cold winter. While I live in a beautiful condo at Hannas Seeds with my friend Woody, you might live in someone’s backyard! Do they have a feeder on their deck for you? What about a backyard paradise that you and all your blue jay and squirrel friends hang out at? Well have we got the food for you! Guys come to Hannas Seeds! We have roasted and shelled peanuts, we have oily seeds, sunflower seeds, sunflower chips, suets, blocks and more! Oh my little chickadees we even have BIRD FEEDERS + BIRD BATHS!!

Hannas Seeds also carries an amazing array of beautiful bird feeders!

Pet Food at Hannas Seeds 4
Church + Cheeko!

Perhaps your human leaves your birdbath outside all winter, but it’s now a frozen block of ice? Not to worry, we carry water heaters too! It is my mission to make sure NO BIRD GOES HUNGRY THIS WINTER!

YES, YES, wrap it up. Morris and Church are telling me I am being too dramatic, so I will leave you with this. Please come visit because we now have Pet Food at Hannas Seeds! Whether you bark, meow or chirp, we have it all!


Morris, Church, Cheeko and the WHOLE gang of animals + humans at Hannas Seeds!

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  • To see some beautiful BIRD BATH INSPIRATION, click HERE!
  • For more fun bird ideas, check out this great guide to Backyard Bird Feeding published by Myrna Pearman from Ellis Bird Farm!

Written by: Meg Tucker Talks. For more information


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  1. Well done, Meg Tucker! I’m sure most pet owners will appreciate hearing this information straight from the horse’s mouth – oh I know , no horse feed – but had to use that old saying!

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