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Fall Into Hannas Seeds This October!

Hannas Seeds Fall 2019

Fall Into Hannas Seeds!

Fall is here. Actually, if you’ve been living in Alberta we’ve already had a small appearance by WINTER! With that said, Hannas Seeds in Lacombe, Alberta is here to make sure your fall gardening preparation is underway before the long winter nap!


Actually NO! Now is the time when you would plant your fall bulbs, that includes GARLIC! Hannas Seeds has a lot of variations, including Elephant, Duganski as well as regular garlic variety. You can also get a jump on your spring bulbs, including tulips! Get those babes into the ground now!

Hannas Seeds Garlic


  • Dig a hole wide and deep then plant bulb at a depth that is 3 times the height of the bulb
  • If it’s garlic you’re planting, be sure you pull apart the clove
  • If the hole you are digging is made up of heavy clay, make sure to put a fine layer of sand at the bottom of the hole, about ¼ to ½”, this makes it easier for the bulb to root in plus provides drainage

PRO TIP: Throw in a handful of bone meal and give a good watering at the time of planting. “As a slow-release fertilizer, bone meal is primarily used as a source of phosphorus and protein.” (source: wikipedia)


Hannas Seeds Fall 2019 quote


  • Be sure to water your freshly planted bulbs once a week (do not overwater so as not to encourage rot)
  • After the lawn growth has slowed but before the grass is completely dormant, apply a fall fertilizer


You really just have to watch the weather. A good rule of thumb though is that your last mowing should be about 2 inches in length, any longer (i.e., 6-8”) results in conditions for snow mold plus acts as great food for food for voles and mice!


  • Prune your trees and shrubs and transplant if needed
  • It’s a great time to compost around your plants and trees – feed me Seymour!
  • Protect your delicate plants with a good mulch, especially rose bushes
  • Spread 2 to 4 inches of organic mulch (eg., wood chips, wood mulch, straw) under the plants “drip line”
  • This is an optimal time to handle those pesky perennial weeds like dandelions, because if you dig them up they cannot “go to seed”.
  • PRO TIP: avoid using rocks or shale as mulch because they heat up and pull moisture away from the roots

Hannas Seeds Tulips


Keep watering your perennials right up to when it freezes up! We want the goal to be: Freeze the roots just like Popsicles! AKA ROOTSICLES!


DID YOU KNOW ice is an excellent insulator for the roots of plants?

We know your fall gardening preparation can be daunting, but hopefully this list has helped! Be sure to visit Hannas Seeds in Lacombe for all your LAWN needs today!

HANNAS SEEDS CURRENT OFFERS – *as of October 16, 2019

  • Fall bulbs in stock!
  • Lots of garlic varieties in stock!
  • Perennials are on sale HALF PRICE right now at Hannas Seeds, come see us!
  • Lime Sulphur + Horticultural Oil – NOW in stock! Lime sulfur is sold as a spray for deciduous trees to control fungi, bacteria and insects living or dormant on the surface of the bark. Horticultural oils are used in both horticulture and agriculture, where they are applied as a dilute spray on plant surfaces to control insects and mites. When you combine the two ingredients, it should only be applied as a spray on dormant plants, once the leaves have dropped in the fall, then again early in the spring just prior to the leaf buds breaking out of dormancy.

Come visit Hannas Seeds in Lacombe, Alberta!

Want more inspiration? Check out their BEAUTIFUL birdbaths!

Enjoy! Meg

*this is a sponsored post. I am grateful to partner with Hannas Seeds in Lacombe!


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