Ez-clean and Our First Dog!

Ollie Baby


Two years ago next month, we brought home our baby Oliver. A healthy bouncing baby black Lab! New dog. First dog. Yes, you’re reading that correctly, he is the first dog I have ever owned. Needless to say it was a big undertaking for our family and we were all a touch overwhelmed. Dogs are just so different than cats in almost every way! In preparation for our new bundle, we visited our local Bone & Biscuit pet store and stocked up on the necessities. One thing that came highly recommended was an enzyme cleaner called ez-clean. I had NO clue what that even was, let alone why we would need it. Boy did I have a lot to learn!

I quickly learned that Ez-clean is a bio-degradable, non-toxic cleaning agent that can be used to clean floors, carpets, dog runs, kennels and a million other things. Ez-clean actually breaks down the tough stains with natural enzymes, removing them naturally, without bringing any harmful chemicals into the picture. And without rubbing, scrubbing or even blotting! Just get the area wet (if it’s already dry), then apply the ez-clean and walk away. It’s basically THAT easy! That’s when the lightbulb went off for me. Safely remove the odour and stain at the source = no urge to go back to that same spot! PERFECT.

Tired puppy

Tired puppy, DIRTY FLOORS!


I have to say we were pretty lucky with Ollie. He had already gotten a month or so head start on learning how to pee outside, but like any new puppy there were a few accidents. It really was cool though to see the results that ez-clean gave us. Not only did it remove the stain, but he didn’t go back and repeat “his business” in that same spot! How can a little bottle bring such peace of mind? Trust us it does. Ez-clean came home with us and quickly became our go to product when little Ollie had the odd accident. Little did I know however, just how many more places we could use it!


Ez-clean uses

From couches to laundry, beds and horse stables, ez-clean does it all!

As I mentioned, in the beginning I thought ez-clean was basically for pee on the floor. But then, after meeting Joel and Jennifer Stockford of Vagabond Pet Supply I connected the dots that not only were they the couple behind Four Dog Night products, but they also CREATED ez-clean! They began to educate me on all the uses of ez-clean, and my mind was blown. You don’t have to own a dog to use ez-clean. Cat? Yep! Deck? YES, a deck! Camper? Yes you too! ​Ez-clean can be used EVERYWHERE. Dog kennels, training facilities and groomers across Canada choose Ez-clean as a safe, cost effective odour eliminator. Take a look below to just 10 places your bottle of ez-clean will work. Trust me when I say, we could go on forever.

  1. dog runs and kennels
  2. decks
  3. fridge and freezer
  4. garbage cans
  5. horse trailers
  6. vehicles
  7. mattress stains
  8. medical scrubs
  9. organic carpet stains
  10. organic upholstery stains

I could go on. There really are no limits to where you can use your ez-clean. And the best part? Made right here in Canada!


Well let’s get right to it. There are other products on the market. We’ve heard their names and/or seen the commercials. So what makes ez-clean different from the other choices out there? What stands out to me the most is the price. Ez-clean comes in 5 different sizes, but for the sake of this math lesson, let’s use the 1L bottle of concentrate. Oh, that’s the other thing I need to share. When you are buying a bottle of ez-clean, you’re buying a super concentrate.

The average cost for the competition is $18.99/Litre but because you can dilute your 1L bottle of ez-clean 1:3, it then magically turns it into 4L bottle. That takes the price per litre to $6.25.

Want to get even deeper? The dilution for ez-clean to match the current competitor on the shelf is 1:10 so that makes the price per litre LESS than $2.50.

If you were to dilute ALL the way to 1:64, say for your backyard, driveway or lawn, you’re making your bottle cost less than $0.24/Litre.

I like to look at it like this. I take the stain and odour, then I decide how much I want to dilute, if any! You can even add a capful straight to each load of laundry, just to get that “smell” out of towels, your favourite shirts and more. Ez-clean really is my go to product.

Cost comparison of ez-clean



Now that you have some of the facts, make sure to follow ez-clean on Instagram, Facebook, and check out their website for all your online ordering needs, as well as the store locator. I cannot sing the praises enough, not just because I am a new dog mom.

I love ez-clean because it’s sensible.

It’s economical.

It’s made in Canada with care and attention.

It stretches my dollar. AND IT WORKS. EVERYWHERE.

Thanks Joel and Jen for making a product we really can get excited about!

Try Ez-clean today.

*this is a sponsored post.

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