SPOTLIGHT: Meg Tucker Talks with Author John Marrs

In case you missed our interview on Facebook, here it is! A wonderful chat with best selling author John Marrs! Who: Author of “THE ONE” John Marrs What: Spotlight: Meg Tucker Talks with John Marrs Why: August 2019 Meg Tucker OMG Book Club Pick!   I got my copy at […]

My Day with 15,000 Free-Run Chickens!

Have you ever stood beside a chicken? How about 3 chickens? How about 15,000 chickens? Imagine spending your day with 15,000 free-run chickens! Walking through a barn with 15,000 chickens all around you. Each chicken craning to see who the newbies are that just entered their home. I was one […]

How I Almost Lost My Job at a Harry Connick Jr Interview

You want me to go WHERE and interview WHO? Let’s back up. I had just started working at CHUM FM radio station in Toronto and was asked the following: “Meg can you go to Harry Connick Jr’s hotel for an interview”? The year: 2004. The nerves: frayed. This was my […]

Join Meg’s OMG Book Club!

Want to join my book club? I’ve decided to start a book club. We’re calling it “Meg’s-OMG-Book-Club”, mainly because the choices I gravitate towards are THRILLERS, edge of your seat, holy cow where did that twist come from, this TOTALLY needs to be made into a movie type books! […]

My Day On Set of Jann

Last fall I had the great chance to spend the day on set of Jann Arden’s new TV show airing on CTV, aptly named JANN. A small group of North American journalists and media were invited to cover what’s known in the business as a “press junket”. Spend the day […]

Experience the Ooodles Difference

PLANNING TO BRING HOME A NEW PUPPY? If you are looking for a doodle, look no further. Watch and learn about “The Ooodles Difference” as Meg chats with owner and chief puppy mama Candice Farrell! Here we discover how these puppies are birthed, socialized, raised and loved before they reach […]

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