Can We Please Stop Calling Them Mocktails?

CAN WE PLEASE STOP CALLING THEM MOCKTAILS? Mocktails. My latest fave: non boozy fun drinks. I’ve never been a big drinker and although yes, it’s fun to have cocktails, I also love being out with friends and getting to choose something yummy, creative and crafted with care. Without alcohol. Feeling […]

Summer of Cavendish

The Summer of Cavendish. Those words immediately make me stop and smile. Have you ever been to Prince Edward Island? Stop what you are doing and add it to your bucket list. Total population of the island: approximately 150,000. PEI might be the smallest province in Canada but definitely one […]

Please Keep Posting

Friends. Please keep posting your vacations on social media. “If I see another vacation picture” I know this (and posting food pics) can be a hotly debated topic, but does it warrant online polls, unfriending and in some extreme cases, closing your Facebook account because you just cannot stand to […]

NYC Memories of Rigatoni Alla Vodka

Rigatoni alla vodka was and forever will be my favourite pasta dish. WHAT IS RIGATONI ALLA VODKA? Well first let me tell you I’m struggling with typing ALLA not A LA, but such is the recipe, it’s Italian after all, not French! Ok, so for the proper definition, according to […]

4 Days in Austin!

4 Days in Austin! Recently my hubby Wade and I traveled to Austin, Texas where I attended a social marketing summit, Mom2.0. During the four days there, we were able to do some exploring throughout this amazing Texas city of just under a million people. What was the biggest thing […]

A Day in My LUG Life

DEAR LUG. I LOVE YOU. My love affair with LUG bags began over 10 years ago, when my stepmom gave me my first Puddle Jumper. Affectionately named “Orange”, my LUG bag quickly became my sidekick for every trip. Living in the West when my entire family was in the East, […]

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