Ez-clean and Our First Dog!

BRINGING HOME A PUPPY Two years ago next month, we brought home our baby Oliver. A healthy bouncing baby black Lab! New dog. First dog. Yes, you’re reading that correctly, he is the first dog I have ever owned. Needless to say it was a big undertaking for our family […]

Experience the Ooodles Difference

PLANNING TO BRING HOME A NEW PUPPY? If you are looking for a doodle, look no further. Watch and learn about “The Ooodles Difference” as Meg chats with owner and chief puppy mama Candice Farrell! Here we discover how these puppies are birthed, socialized, raised and loved before they reach […]

Four Dog Night

Treat your pet to the most AMAZING bed EVER! Four Dog Night is a line within the Vagabond Pet Supply family. Made with love in Alberta, Canada! Enjoy! xo Meg Find and follow Vagabond Pet Supply on Facebook and Instagram. http://www.vagabondpetsupply.com *this is a sponsored post.  

Four Dog Night Intro

Welcome to Vagabond Pet Supply! We meet Joel and Jennifer Stockford, owners and creators of Four Dog Night, a line within the Vagabond Pet Supply family! Enjoy! Meg xo

2nd Annual Christmas Puppy Giveaway!

Good luck and enjoy! Meg xo Ooodles of Doodles is making a Christmas wish come TRUE! Someone will be gifted an Ooodles of Doodles puppy on December 23, 2018! TO BE ELIGIBLE TO WIN: 1. You must like and followMeg Tucker Talks (https://www.facebook.com/megtuckertalks/)&Ooodles of Doodles (https://www.facebook.com/ooodlesofdoodles/)on Facebook. 2. You must like […]

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