Ez-clean and Our First Dog!

BRINGING HOME A PUPPY Two years ago next month, we brought home our baby Oliver. A healthy bouncing baby black Lab! New dog. First dog. Yes, you’re reading that correctly, he is the first dog I have ever owned. Needless to say it was a big undertaking for our family […]

Four Dog Night

Treat your pet to the most AMAZING bed EVER! Four Dog Night is a line within the Vagabond Pet Supply family. Made with love in Alberta, Canada! Enjoy! xo Meg Find and follow Vagabond Pet Supply on Facebook and Instagram. http://www.vagabondpetsupply.com *this is a sponsored post.  

Meet Oliver!

Meet Oliver. He is the LOVE of our lives, a 1 year 9 month old registered black lab. And the silliest pup you’ll ever meet.

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