Summer of Cavendish

The Summer of Cavendish. Those words immediately make me stop and smile. Have you ever been to Prince Edward Island? Stop what you are doing and add it to your bucket list. Total population of the island: approximately 150,000. PEI might be the smallest province in Canada but definitely one […]

Join Meg’s OMG Book Club!

Attention READERS! We’d love you to JOIN OUR CLUB! Do you love to read? What kind of book do you gravitate towards at the library or bookstore? When was the last time you picked up a book and read it cover to cover? SO many questions Meg. I am BEACH […]

I Owe My Entire Career to the Bachelor

I owe my entire career to The Bachelor. Yes. I owe my entire career to The Bachelor. OK , well let me back up. You might be thinking, NOPE Meg, I do NOT watch TV ergo I cannot relate to this post. Ok let’s unpack this a little. I know […]

Please Keep Posting

Friends. Please keep posting your vacations on social media. “If I see another vacation picture” I know this (and posting food pics) can be a hotly debated topic, but does it warrant online polls, unfriending and in some extreme cases, closing your Facebook account because you just cannot stand to […]

NYC Memories of Rigatoni Alla Vodka

Rigatoni alla vodka was and forever will be my favourite pasta dish. WHAT IS RIGATONI ALLA VODKA? Well first let me tell you I’m struggling with typing ALLA not A LA, but such is the recipe, it’s Italian after all, not French! Ok, so for the proper definition, according to […]

One Simple Change Can Save You $800

$4.50 per day. $135 per month. $1620 per year. What the heck are all these numbers? They cannot be good. This is what ONE store bought latte a day for a year will cost you. $1620. That’s a mortgage payment for some. That’s rent. That’s an all inclusive vacation. That’s […]

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