How To Make Rice

Do You Know How to Make Rice? I would like to think most of us would say yes, but today I came home to find our 18 year old son Gavin had made some. Attempted. In theory, butter and salt not withstanding, making rice has the basic steps that he […]

Please Keep Posting

Friends. Please keep posting your vacations on social media. “If I see another vacation picture” I know this (and posting food pics) can be a hotly debated topic, but does it warrant online polls, unfriending and in some extreme cases, closing your Facebook account because you just cannot stand to […]

One Simple Change Can Save You $800

$4.50 per day. $135 per month. $1620 per year. What the heck are all these numbers? They cannot be good. This is what ONE store bought latte a day for a year will cost you. $1620. That’s a mortgage payment for some. That’s rent. That’s an all inclusive vacation. That’s […]

4 Days in Austin!

4 Days in Austin! Recently my hubby Wade and I traveled to Austin, Texas where I attended a social marketing summit, Mom2.0. During the four days there, we were able to do some exploring throughout this amazing Texas city of just under a million people. What was the biggest thing […]

Join Meg’s OMG Book Club!

Want to join my book club? I’ve decided to start a book club. We’re calling it “Meg’s-OMG-Book-Club”, mainly because the choices I gravitate towards are THRILLERS, edge of your seat, holy cow where did that twist come from, this TOTALLY needs to be made into a movie type books! […]

Ez-clean and Our First Dog!

BRINGING HOME A PUPPY Two years ago next month, we brought home our baby Oliver. A healthy bouncing baby black Lab! New dog. First dog. Yes, you’re reading that correctly, he is the first dog I have ever owned. Needless to say it was a big undertaking for our family […]

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