Simple Summer Supper

Simple Summer Supper. Wait. Do you call it supper or dinner? I think I say “let’s go out for dinner”, but we “eat supper at home”. Whether you call it dinner or supper I want to share how often we cook and how it’s a radically different schedule in the summer. […]

How To Make Rice

Do You Know How to Make Rice? I would like to think most of us would say yes, but today I came home to find our 18 year old son Gavin had made some. Attempted. In theory, butter and salt not withstanding, making rice has the basic steps that he […]

NYC Memories of Rigatoni Alla Vodka

Rigatoni alla vodka was and forever will be my favourite pasta dish. WHAT IS RIGATONI ALLA VODKA? Well first let me tell you I’m struggling with typing ALLA not A LA, but such is the recipe, it’s Italian after all, not French! Ok, so for the proper definition, according to […]

Ez Pizza Dip!

Looking for a SUPER easy appetizer to bring to your next party or have with company? Ez Pizza Dip is the answer! Everyone brings dip to a party. I wanted to find something that felt a little more filling than just the basic onion or ranch dip and veggies. NOT […]

Caesar Inspired Devilled Eggs

WHO WANTS APPIES? Spring is in the air, which means PATIO TIME is just around the corner! Whether you’re on a patio or planning your next get together, making these “caesar inspired” devilled eggs will sure to be a HIT! All the flavours of the classic caesar cocktail, mixed into […]

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