Maple Almond Granola

Fall is in the air… Have you ever made your own homemade granola? I love making a big batch when the weather changes, which in the past few days in Alberta seems to have happened. It’s amazing with milk and a spoon, topped on yogurt, thrown into muffin recipes (YES!), […]

5 Year Banana Bread

5 Year Banana Bread? 5 year 5 banana bread? Well my banana bread certainly doesn’t take 5 years to make, it’s been in the works for 5 years. What started as a simple banana muffin recipe got tweaked, altered, things added, things removed and with an incredible deal on a […]

How to Make Homemade Melt in your Mouth Bacon!

Want to learn how to make homemade melt in your mouth bacon? Let’s do it! I did it. I made my OWN bacon. Well, the whole thing started when I was auditioning for MasterChef Canada. I will save that story for another day but in the meantime let me tell […]

Shortcut Cream Cheese Tarts

Calling all NON bakers! If your hand is up, these Shortcut Cream Cheese Tarts are for you! Trust me. You’ve got this. Seriously Meg, I do not bake. That’s ok! I promise you that you can pull these off. Let me ask you this. Can you go to the grocery […]

Energy Bites

Such a Quick Snack! Energy Bites are one of my favourite snacks that I honestly need to make more often. They’re a quick snack that boosts your energy, super easy to make, and no baking required! When I get around to making them, I make a double batch, pop into […]

Shortcut Flan

I LOVE FLAN. SO EASY TO MAKE When my husband Wade and I got married in Mexico, we saw flan on almost every dessert menu. I’ve always loved custard of any format. Something about the creamy sweet egg custard mixed with the clear caramelized syrup just sends my tastebuds into […]

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