Can We Please Stop Calling Them Mocktails?



Mocktails. My latest fave: non boozy fun drinks. I’ve never been a big drinker and although yes, it’s fun to have cocktails, I also love being out with friends and getting to choose something yummy, creative and crafted with care. Without alcohol. Feeling refreshed without worrying about driving home or a headache tomorrow.


I believe restaurants should stop using the word “mocktail”. We’re not kids ordering Shirley temples. We aren’t all pregnant. We are most certainly not lame for ordering non booze and no, it won’t affect your tips. We might just want something more than a club soda and we shouldn’t feel singled out for being “lame”. Yet somehow every single time I order a fun non boozy drink I find I get a funny look. Most of the time, they’ll repeat the order back to me and say “you know that’s non alcoholic right? Are you sure you don’t want the other kind”? No, no I don’t. But instead of just saying the drink name, I find myself having to explain my choice, as if not indulging is LAME. “Could I please have the non alcoholic mojito, I want something fun, but don’t really feel like alcohol”. 

Obviously I don’t feel like having alcohol or else I would have ordered some. Sigh.

Spiritfree Drinks Holy Roller

Gold Lion + Love Juice – Holy Roller, Austin, Texas


Most menus will still refer to the non alcoholic beverages as “mocktails”, but I think as more and more people are ordering them, we’re now hearing terms like N/A drinks, boozeless, pre-school, and anti-social (this one makes me laugh). That’s ok. Call them what you want but please have them on your menus and don’t look at us funny when we order them, automatically thinking we have issues. Kombucha and cold brews are now on tap at some pubs, so why can’t we have our quirky fun non spirits there too!

Raspberry Mojito

Raspberry Mojito from Browns Social House

Some of my favourites include:

  • Raspberry Mojito from Brown’s Social House. Super muddled mint and tons of raspberries, lots of chunky ice, simple syrup and bubbles. LOVE IT!
  • The Gold Lion from Holy Roller in Austin, Texas
  • Love Juice – also from Holy Roller in Austin…see MORE about Austin here!
  • ANY establishment that will serve a spiritfree MULE with real ginger beer, yes please!
Holy Roller Drink Menu

Spirit Free Cocktails from Holy Roller- Austin, Texas

Whatever your reason, please don’t feel you have to explain it to the servers. Order your NA drink with a smile. Let’s hope since they’ve been placed on the menu, they are happy you’re ordering something other than water! Next time you’re out, for a twist, skip the spirits and try a N/A, spiritfree beverage and let’s see how creative these menus really can get! #spiritfree #craftycocktails

Enjoy! Meg xo


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