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A Day in My LUG Life

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My love affair with LUG bags began over 10 years ago, when my stepmom gave me my first Puddle Jumper. Affectionately named “Orange”, my LUG bag quickly became my sidekick for every trip. Living in the West when my entire family was in the East, meant Meg + Orange went everywhere. New Brunswick, New York, Barbados x 3, Toronto, you name it, he got packed and “lugged” for over a decade. When the day came that they launched the Puddle Jumper Backpack, my world changed again. A new addition to my family, this time even MORE portable with backpack straps!

Since then, I have added to my LUG family of incredible bags and accessories. Let’s start with my NEW obsession, my Promenade from the new Sparkle collection!


Black base, with a rose gold sparkle bottom, this head turner has already been causing a commotion and it hasn’t even been with me a week!

The NEW Sparkle Collection is AMAZING!

What I love most about these bags – ALL LUG bags, is that they are constructed with great thought and care. Great materials that you can easily wipe down, solid straps so you never feel like you need a full body massage after a day of carrying, and STYLE beyond style. Oh, and did I mention the organization factor? That’s what initially sold me. Each carefully placed pocket, magnet, zipper and compartment gives a home to each of your treasures, for as long as the bag is in your life.

At first glance, it looks like a regular sized purse. But once you open it up and start loading, you will be AMAZED. I can comfortably fit my wallet, phone, lip gloss, hand lotion, mittens, dog treats, hat, car keys, an i-Pad, clipboard, notebook, pens, and a water bottle on each side without even reaching max capacity! This bag just keeps going. I love that it has a clear pocket on the inside so you can ALWAYS find your lipgloss, even in the dark. AMAZING. It also has an outside pocket that doubles as a wallet, in the event the main compartment is too packed.

Carrying options?

1- Tuck your Sparkle Promenade in the crook of your arm and go.

2- The straps are long enough to comfortably wear over your shoulder.

3- Need to be hands free? Pop on the longer strap to convert to cross body. I LOVE THIS BAG!

Want some stats on The Promenade Sparkle? Here you go!

-11″W x 9″H x 5.5″D
-soft-lined cell phone pockets
– exterior water bottle pockets
– trolley sleeve
– wipeable shimmer bottom


Ok. The work day is finished. I have been “running the roads” as my mom says all day long meeting with clients and shooting videos and now it’s time to head home for a quick change, then out to dinner and a movie with my husband Wade! Here’s the best part, I plop down my Promenade and reach for my Charter and away I go!

Straight to the TOP of the Christmas Lists!

I LOVE the charter because it’s got a similar feel to the Promenade. Don’t get me wrong, I love a cute tiny purse, and LUG offers lots of options, but I tend to gravitate to the bigger “catch all” versions, ergo, these are PERFECTION. The inside of the purse is REALLY roomy, which for me means QUICK access, but it has the best pockets to keep you organized. SO many pockets. I also love that it has a structured bottom, (wish I could say the same), so when you place it down, it doesn’t topple over. The padded anti-slip shoulder straps are also very comfortable, when you’re trying to carry more than humanly possible! There’s also a clip for your keys (GENIUS) in both the Promenade and the Charter, as well as little magnets on some of the outer pockets. This is where LUG shines, they make things SO easily accessible, so you don’t have to unzip and go digging into your bag, when you are balancing groceries, a dog on a leash, packages and trying to unlock your car doors all at the same time. Lots of the pockets have an inside soft lining too, which makes me happy knowing if I slip my glasses or phone down the side of my bag, they won’t be scratched!

Here are your stats on The Charter:

(top)16″W x 10″H x 6″D & (bottom) 11.5W x 10.7H x 5.8D

– clearview interior wall pocket
– roomy interior
– padded anti-slip shoulder straps
– structured bottom
– pen/cosmetic holder slots
Get ready for compliments on this bag!


Ok. Are you ready to have your heart burst with happy? LUG has a pillow that…wait for it…converts to THE softest blanket you will ever wrap up in! The Cuddle Sac Reversible Pillow and Blanket will CHANGE. YOUR. LIFE.

The SOFTEST blanket you will ever own!

What I love most about the Cuddle Sac is how versatile it is. LUG you think of everything! The pillowcase is reversible, so while it can display “HOME” throughout the year, come the holidays, simply unzip, fold inside out, re-zip and BOOM, “Let it Snow”! The case is also made of nylon so if you accidentally spill a little peppermint tea (whoops), it wipes right off! Now let’s get to the blanket. When I first took it out of the pillowcase, I might have actually let out an audible sigh. I can honestly say I have NEVER felt a cozier blanket in my life. And it’s BIG! 79″ x 60″- perfect for you and your sweetie to cuddle under! That is, if you can negotiate a little space from your puppy! PS I just got up from my desk and walked into the living room. Oliver was fast asleep, UNDER the blanket. He’s a LUG lover too!

Here are the stats on the Cuddle Sac:

-Pillowcase:19″ x 20.5″  |  Blanket: 79″ x 60″


A definite YES on the 2018 Christmas list!

Well there you have it. A day in my awesome LUG Life. I used to get sad when trips would finish because it meant that I had to put away my “travel bag”. Now, I have something for work, for play, and for cuddling at the end of the day. What more could you ever want? Oh wait, there are MORE bags in the Sparkle Collection with my name on them…OHHHHH SANTA!

Thank you LUG, you’re a game changer! Their motto is Live Life In Color – I couldn’t agree more.

Follow LUG on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter then head to to fill your wish lists with ALL the great bags and accessories that can totally change YOUR life. I also HIGHLY encourage you to read the story of LUG and its founders, Ami and Jason Richter. You guys ROCK. #luglife

Happy Holidays! Meg xo

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